Ondura Shield Roofing System

Lifetime Limited Warranty for the ONDUVILLA Materials

(150 Mile-Per-Hour Winds “Category 4 Hurricane” Wind Warranty)
Ondura Shield Roofing System Installed Price

$262.00 Per Sq. Everything Included Turn Key Installed  with a 1 lay tear off of old Shingles OR $180. Per Sq.  Includes all componets and Shingels Materials you Install

Steep Charge Above 6/12 Pitch ADD $20.00  Sq. 
Steep Charge Above 9/12 Pitch ADD $40.00  Sq.
2 Story Charge ADD $10.00 a Sq.
3 Story and Above ADD $25.00 Per Sq.
15 lb & 30 lb Felt Paper $ .25 Per Sq. 
Ice & Water Shield $4.00 Per LF’    
Multi-Layer Tear Off ADD $18.00 Per Sq./ Per Layer
Stadard Metal Drip Edge 1 ½ X 10 $ .75 Per LF’
D-Type L Metal Drip Edge 1 ½ X 10 $1.25 Per LF’
Aluminum Drip Edge 1 ½ X 10 $1.59 Per LF’                      
Wall Flashing $3.75 Per LF’
Re-Flash Brick FirePlace / Chimney $125.00 Each
Re-Flash SkyLight $80.00 Per Sky Light
RePlace Existing SkyLight $475.00 Per Sky Light
New SkyLight Install Through Roof and Ceiling $1,275.00
Replace Existing Attic Fan $325.00 Each
Install New Attic Fan $475.00 Each
Replace Roof Top Power Vent $225.00 Eash
Install New Roof Top Power Vent $325.00 Each
Plywood Decking $65.00 Per Sheet
Able Construction Service
Installation Tips

Slope: Recommended Slope 3:12 to 10:12; Minimum Slope 2:12

Structure: Most standard roof structures; apply over solid decking or up to 1 layer of shingles:Cutting: Across corrugation with circular saw; Parallel to corrugation with utility knife

Overlap: (Shingles) 3.5 inches. Follow the overlapping guides that are in place on shingles

Overlap: (Ridge/Trim) 7 inches

Hips:Seal: with fillers cut from closure strips or self-adhesive flashing tape; apply universal ridge/trim piece

Valleys: Apply a minimum of 28 inches of ice/water shield. Apply 20-inch wide metal flashing.

Apply strips of OSB on each side of flashing. Cut shingle to fit valley; push fillers cut from closure strips into each corrugation.

Benefits of an ONDUVILLA Roof Shingles

    The premium look of clay tile at a cost similar to traditional asphalt shingles

  Wind warranty up to 150 mile-per-hour winds (Category 4 Hurricane)

  May be installed over shingles; no tear-off required
Technical Specifications

Length: 42 inches
Width: 16 inches
Wave Height: 1.5 inches
Surface Covered per Shingle: 3.33 Sf.
Shingles per Square: 30 pieces
Weight per Shingle: 3.1 lbs.
Weight per Square: 90 lbs.


The owner of the property, onto which ONDUVILLA is installed, is responsible for verification that ONDUVILLA is compliant with state and local regulations and standards that are relevant to the property including but not limited to building codes and building permit requirements. Onduline North America will provide at owner's request all certification information available for ONDUVILLA
Classic Red
Forest Green
Siena Brown
Ebony Black
Slate Gray
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Licensed Bonded Insured