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Triple Wide

Our Triple Wide steel buildings are simply expanded, reinforced, certified metal buildings
from 26′ to 30′ wide. If you need a steel garage for more than one vehicle or shelter for your valuables such as heavy equipment and machinery, this is the perfect choice.
These wider metal structures are well strengthened and built to last. You are Able to freely customize your steel structure like any regular metal carport we offer. The roof options continue to be Standard, A-Frame Horizontal, and A-Frame Vertical. We can configure these steel metal buildings with a wide variety of openings, doors, and windows to meet your exact needs. We can customize to meet your needs at an affordable price, call us Today, toll free at (800) 244-5554
Lean Too

Lean to units are great for providing protection alongside an existing building. These structures can be customized to fit your needs. A lean to is a structure that slopes off in a single direction. Most lean to’s are leaning off of another structure. Unfortunately, American Steel Carports cannot attach the lean to to your existing structure but we can install very close against the existing structure. These units are excellent options for a covered sidewalk along your building to protect your customers or guest from rain or snow.

If you would like to put a lean to up against your house to provide parking for your vehicle we can do that also. The spacing will have to be altered if you have doors or windows that you want to remain accessible and open. Let us know the layout and specifications of your property so we can build the unit that is just right for you.

Partial enclosed Carports

Partial enclosed carports really define our strategy of customizing your building to fit your needs. For example, say you need a carport to protect your car from the natural elements, but you also need storage space for you lawn mower. Rather than buying two separate buildings, we can combine into a partial enclosed building.

You can select a carport that has an enclosed storage unit along with an attached open carport in the front. Or choose one with sides enclosed to provide shelter for your horses or any other animals. On a smaller scale, you could even use one as a dog kennel. The uses are seemingly endless. Additional support arms help strengthen the roof providing durable, long lasting construction.

If you can imagine it, we can create it. Call us Today at (800) 244-5554 for an estimate.

A-Frame Vertical Roof

Vertical Sides

Enclosed Continuous Lean to

Product Code: LT-1


A-Frame Vertical Roof

Horizontal Sides

Continuous Lean To attached
   Roll-Up doors & Windows

Product Code: LT-3

Able Construction Service offers 12 different color options that you can choose from, making it easier to match the surroundings. Our panels are 29 gauge steel. These Steel panels are available in standard lengths of 21', 26' and 31'. We can also make custom sizes if that is what you require.

Available Color Selection
Pebble Beige
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